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Reviews Personally Delivered to
Active Life Chiropractic and Wellness

“My initial visit to Active Life was because of the flare up of a previous condition. I was experiencing moderate to severe lower back and neck pain. The therapy and adjustments I received reduced my pain and discomfort level significantly.

On occasion, due to an awkward sleeping position or a wrong move while working out, I have experienced a reoccurrence. In particular, a recent episode from a too-rigorous workout had me walking bent over with a pain level of 10+. Within hours of my visit, I was back to almost normal and surprised by the near-immediate relief!

Dr. Engel is extremely thorough with her initial consultation/questions and follow-up. I am a true-believer in my “maintenance” visits with Active Life. They keep me feeling well and moving more freely. I’m confident my overall health is improved due to Dr. Engel and Active Life!”
~Kerri G.

“Last fall, I suddenly developed severe upper back muscle pain while on a long motorcycle ride. That’s when I sought out a chiropractor. Dr. Engel used MANY approaches to relieve that pain and to prevent future problems, including massage, stretches, strengthening, and improving my balance and POSTURE. Now I’m like a preacher about posture! “Coincidentally” – I had been on an NSAID (Naproxen) for over 2 years for foot pain (plantar fasciitis), and now my foot pain is alleviated without meds – which I believe is due to better posture. Dr. Engel gets great results because she listens, studies you, teaches, remediates, and helps optimize the quality of her patients’ lives.”
~Jeanne L.

“Is it Dr. Engel or Dr. Angel? About four years ago I was in pain and I decided to try a chiropractor even though I had never been to one before. I didn’t know what to expect. Dr. Engel did a very thorough evaluation of my overall health, my diet, my health history and my spinal health. It did take a while, but…there was an end in sight. I was going for longer periods of time pain-free. That might have been the end of my story, but other events kept me in contact with Dr. Engel. I had two other problems. By that time I knew who I could trust to give my 100% of her skill and care. In both cases she was completely successful in restoring my range of motion in my arm (rotator cuff) and knee (torn meniscus surgery). I am a very active 59 year old. Several times in the last four years “Dr. Angel” helped me to keep the life I love.”
~Dave W.

“I went to my family doctor, my rheumatologist and to a hand surgeon to see what could be done with my right hand, which looked distorted since my thumb was going to the inside (palm) of my hand…and I then was diagnosed with trigger finger. I’ve heard about acupuncture and how it relieves pain, so I decided to go and maybe get my thumb back to normal. I found Dr. Elizabeth Engel (a referral closer to home) and she not only fixed my trigger finger so that my thumb moves without a click, but she also remedied my osteoarthritic joint that made my thumb go inside my palm. It’s not 100%, but it’s 90% better now and no surgery! Dr. Engel is a “miracle worker” and I am so happy that I had her for my doctor!”
~Nancy E.

“When I met Dr. Engel, I merely went to see if she could bring me some relief for my chronic back pain (which was completely restricting my physical activity). During the course of our first visit, I mentioned that I had been diagnosed with an auto-immune disease that was being treated with large doses of steroids and other drugs. One of the other symptoms of my auto-immune disease, in addition to the back and joint pain, was constant sores (10-12 at a time) in my mouth.

Dr. Engel suggested that I take a simple test (at minimal cost) to see if she could detect any issues that may be exacerbating the auto-immune problem. Incredibly, the end result was that with some diet changes, and the addition of a few supplements that are closely monitored by Dr. Engel, I am steroid free and take no more prescription drugs!

I still have an auto-immune disease, but today I suffer very minor symptoms. I have resumed playing golf – pain free – for the first time in years! I feel like a different person.”
~Barb H.

“Over the past few years I have been transitioning to a more plant based diet. As I’ve increased my highly fibrous, complex carbohydrates, certain foods like legumes, and some vegetables were leaving me with a bloated feeling and gas, which I found both uncomfortable and embarrassing. Dr. Engel recommended “Standard Process: Enzycore” for my digestive issues.

These digestive enzymes have worked so well for me as my body adjusted to a completely plant based diet. In fact within a few months of eating this way, I don’t need the enzymes as often, as I don’t experience the digestive issues like I used to. I am very grateful for products like Enzycore!”
~Kim J.

“It was almost a year ago when I met Dr. Engel. I was suffering from horrible back pain, as well as, stomach trouble. After speaking with her for a bit I set up an appointment. I was feeling very good about it. I had been seeing doctors, but I felt as if they never really understood what I was going through. After a year of doctor visits and no relief you really start to lose hope. My back pain and stomach aches were a constant for me and there were days I couldn’t and didn’t want to get up. I never understood how much Dr. Engel would change my life and I am so grateful to her. We discovered I had food sensitivities. After some back adjustments, a diet change and natural supplements within a week I was feeling like a whole new person. I remember waking up one morning and saying ‘Oh my god I don’t have a stomach ache!’ I couldn’t believe it.

Dr. Engel is a wonderful doctor. She really listens and cares and understands. I now understand how to control my symptoms and can enjoy my life. I recommend to see Dr. Engel if you are having any troubles with your back or stomach. She is absolutely wonderful. I still see her once a month for adjustments.”
~Stefanie Z.

“A co-worker who had recently pulled out her back had gone to Dr. Engel and was doing very well. Never going to a chiropractor before I wasn’t sure what to expect but seeing my co-worker walking normally again was all I needed to call.

I was experiencing a shooting pain in my right knee, followed by tightness and buckling of my leg. This occurred intermittently throughout my day. Upon calling, Dr. Engel talked with me, took my insurance information, and I made an appointment.

My first appointment she tried acupuncture and massage and it went very well. I only experienced pain once after that and no more buckling. Dr. Engel also checked out my back since I had been having some twinges and feared bending over would send it into spasms. Through massage, I can now bend again without fear and pain.

I’m on the road to wellness with the assistance of a good navigator, Dr. Engel, who keeps me on track.”
~Pat E.

“Dr. Engel has been a tremendous help to me. I came to her office with vertigo and severe plantar fasciitis. Through exercises, therapy, foot inserts and adjustments, I am so much better. Thank you Dr. Engel!!!”
~Lynn P.

“I came to see Dr. Engel with severe eczema on my feet. She suggested that I take a PRE and a PRObiotic. Since I have been taking both, I have seen a 90% improvement in my left foot and an 80% improvement in my right foot. Thank you Dr. Engel. I have been to multiple other doctors with NO luck! This is a miracle for me. I can begin to exercise and can actually wear sandals this summer.”
~Debbie C.

“Dr. Engel saved my life! I had been treated by several chiropractors in the past but it is the multifaceted approach that Dr. Engel uses to to treat you that makes all the difference. I came into her office being terribly overweight, swollen legs, and feet, sluggish and apathetic and suffered from pain over just about my entire body each and every day after even a minimal amount of physical work. She studied my situation, asked pointed questions and nailed the diagnosis. For years I have been seeing my doctors for these issues and they just want to give you meds, tell you to lose wight and see them in a couple of weeks. Dr. Engel not only gives you the road map but takes the journey with you. Her program of lifestyle changes, coaching, adjustments, massage, herbs and acupuncture has made me a totally changed person in the 2 and a half months that I have been treated by her. Her positive energy is highly contagious and totally envelops you. She has helped me overcome all of my excuses, and I had many. I am about halfway to my weight loss goal, I am enjoying waking up in the morning, have plenty of energy all day long and have been able to go back to mowing the lawn, walking upstairs, riding my bike and even getting out of a couch without all of the pain that I once suffered with. I am more productive at work and at home and feel much more mentally alert. She took me from being a man in my mid-fifties who felt and acted like I was in my mid-eighties to someone who feels like I am in my mid-thirties. Dr. Engel, you have a tremendous gift and you honestly gave me my life back. I hope that God continues to bless you each and every day. Thank you so much for sharing your talents with me and all of your patients.”
~Ted R.

“I met Dr. Engel at a health fair in Schaumburg. She was very friendly and so knowledgeable. I was impressed, and I decided to call and make an appointment. I had been having quite a bit of neck and lower back pain. Turning my head to back my car up was becoming nearly impossible. I went for my first appointment. Right away I felt very comfortable with her. she took her time with my questions and evaluated my posture and back and neck issues. She explained the plan she felt would be best for me. After a few weeks of therapy she suggested physical therapy. I decided to have Dr. Engel do my physical therapy, and I’m so glad I did. I’ve had physical therapy before, but therapy with her was so personal and specific. It was definitely the right decision for me.
I tell all of my friends about her. She is such a wonderful, and patient doctor. I never feel rushed. She listens and truly cares. Meeting her was my lucky day!”
~Nancy B.

  • I always feel comfortable and come away feeling better.

    - Barbara M
  • I always receive the best care and advice from Dr. Engel and my massage from Sarah is just wonderful...

    - Robyn G
  • I didn't realize Chiropractic could feel so dang good! Dr Engel uses modern techniques, and includes massage and coaching on stretches. She even made herself available when I needed an emergency treatment for upper back muscle pain. She's very knowledgeable and professional, and I've recommended her to several friends.

    Show More - Jeanne L
  • Sarah is very thorough and she knows exactly where to find the right pain points and fix them. She would adapt the session based on my feedback making it very tailored and relevant to my needs I really like Sarah' s professionalism and high level of skills

    - Catherine L
  • Dr. Engel is incredible! The treatments she has given me have helped take care of my back pain that I have had for several years. I didn't think the pain would ever go away, but working together, we have made incredible progress. Dr. Engel is supportive along the journey; she really listens to what your concerns and issues are to help provide the best care possible. She is always professional, kind, timely, and very helpful.

    Show More - Rebecca P


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