Safety Procedures & COVID-19 Info

*See also below for the full list of safety procedures implemented here at Active Life. 

  • Starting 1/18/22, there are 4 free at-home COVID-19 test kits available per household.  Click the link below to sign up.


Cook County Healthcare, Essential Worker, Resident COVID-19 Vaccination SIGN UP

As of 1/25/21, the Cook County Health Department NO longer has a survey for the vaccine, but rather a SIGN UP website (see link below).  From what we can deduce from limited facts, we believe that anyone that signed up for the survey through Cook County will receive an email from them and a link to the NEW COVID-19 vaccine website below.  Our understanding is that you will ALSO have to fill out this sign up form on the NEW website listed below.  Please use the link they provided in your email or the one below to SIGN UP for the COVID-19 vaccine: 

Cook County COVID-19 Vaccination SIGN UP link

We are doing our best to keep you updated, but our process for vaccination sign up was completely different as an organization than yours as an individual.  If your group (e.g. 1b) is one that the county is scheduling for appointments for the vaccine, you may be asked to schedule that at the end of  this initial sign up form.  Please know that if there are no appointments available, to keep checking back.  We are not sure if the Cook County Health Department (CCDPH) will contact you again via email with a new link to schedule so keep checking your emails as well.

This information is what we experienced as an organization getting the vaccine.  Unfortunately, we do not have any information on how individual visits will go.  Here is what we found out after our 1st shot.  Please be aware that your situation may be different as this is an ever- changing situation.  

After the first shot, some people have been able to schedule their second shot during their first appointment.  However, you may have to schedule your 2nd shot online as well if they aren't scheduling at your facility for the 2nd dose.  We found that waiting for an email from the CCDPH to schedule that appointment was the easiest way to schedule this 2nd shot.  We received emails from "Luma Health" with the subject being "An update from your doctor".  This email provided us a link to schedule our 2nd shot and was much easier than going through any other site to schedule.   CCDPH may change this, but we wanted to make you aware of this email since most of us deleted it or it went to our spam/junk folders.

Scheduling a date for the 2nd appointment (info given from CCDPH):

Pfizer vaccine:  The minimum time between the 1st and 2nd dose for Pfizer vaccine is 17 days.  The maximum recommended time from the 1st dose is 6 weeks (42 days)

Moderna vaccine:  The minimum time between the 1st and 2nd dose for Moderna is 24 days.  


Resources & Helpful Links:

Pre-registration for the COVID-19 Vaccine at Meijer Pharmacies

Illinois Department of Public Health

Vaccine information (CDC)

Vaccine Review Process (FDA)

Pfizer Vaccine Fact Sheet

Moderna Vaccine Fact Sheet

Rush University's FAQ about the COVID-19 Vaccine

Mask Update as of 4/18/22

Latest Updates from Active Life as of 2/21/22

Guidelines for Active Life as Illinois moves into Phase 5 on 6/11/21

Here is the latest check in with Dr. Engel as of 3/8/2021

We are open!  Watch as Dr. Engel explains our newest safety procedures as of 11/16/2020. 

Take an office tour with Dr. Engel to see the COVID precautions implemented as of 5/28/2020.


(updated 2/18/22)

  • Patients may enter Active Life when they arrive without a call or text from us.  When patients arrive for their visit,  they may enter Active Life through the front, glass door and have a seat in the reception area.  If we are with a patient at the front desk, we ask that patients please have a seat in Room 1 to promote social distancing.  Once of our staff members will escort you to your treatment room.

  • Patients can now move freely around the office once they are checked in.  Patients no longer need to be escorted to the restroom and they no longer have to wait in their rooms for check out.  Patients are free to move to the front desk after their visit and if another patient is at the front desk at that time, we ask patients to wait in Room 1 until a staff member gets them.  We will continue to practice social distancing.  
  • Masks are required for all patients during their visit and in all common areas. 
  • Staff members will wear 1 KN95 mask.  Wearing a face shield when treating and checking in patients is now optional.
  • We ask any patient that is feeling under the weather to call and reschedule his/her/their visit.  
  • HEPA air filtration system has been put in every room.  This system filters out 250 square feet every 15 minutes.
  • Every surface that a patient touches, or that Dr. Engel or Sarah touches, is disinfected after a patient's treatment.  This includes, but is not limited to, the chiropractic table, the massage table, the chairs in the rooms, the main door, door knobs, front desk counters, credit card pin pad and the bathroom.  We also have removed all magazines, pamphlets, etc. that cannot be disinfected.  Pens have been removed and will be available and then sanitized after use.  We will use individual sign in sheets for each patient as we have done in the past.  We have hired additional staff to help with this cleaning.

  • Hand sanitizer is available.
  • We advocate strict hand washing protocols with soap for at least 20 seconds for all patients and staff. 
  • Linens and gowns are provided by MedClean.  This medical linen facility is a company that is accredited with The Healthcare Laundry Accreditation Council (HLAC).  HLAC Accreditation Standards have been developed based on federal regulations and guidelines as well as best industry practices.

We will continue to update and improve on these procedures as needed in order to keep all patients & staff safe.  


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